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Havasu Falls

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Havasu Falls is in Arizona. The hike is about 20 miles total. A permit is required to be on the Havasupai Reservation.

Less than an hour into our hike we saw this lone horse wandering around. Later we found out that the horses and donkeys are how the Supai get most of their supplies into the village. From the parking spot, it’s 8 miles from the top to the village, another 2 miles to the campground, and 0.5- 3.5 miles form the campground to the waterfalls. There’s also the option of having the horses carry your backpack to the village so you don’t have to hike with it. Put a couple dollars in your car for when you get back, there’s girls selling Gatorades (much needed!) once you hike back to the parking area.

Hiking down to Mooney Falls. SO HIGH it was scary! We had already dropped our packs off at camp and changed our shoes. There’s a rope swing to jump off the small waterfall.

We didn’t get a permit, instead we called every day we had off work to see if anyone had cancelled. After a few months of calling, there was finally a cancellation! The group of two had only cancelled one night so that is all we were allotted. If we were to do it again, we would stay at least two nights to have time to hike to the third waterfall.

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