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Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Munich, home to the infamous Oktoberfest (in September). A time when all standards go out the window and everyone enjoys each other's company. 

Please enjoy our Germany/Switzerland video :)


Yes, it's as great as everyone says. We're not hyping it up, it's just that great. Watch the video...you'll see. 

There's a lot out on the internet of what to do and what not to do. I'll share what worked for us. We got there pretty early, about 10:00am. We checked out a few tents and found one that had a good vibe. This early it's not very crowded. As long as you sit in a seat that isn't reserved you won't get kicked out later in the day. If the table says reserved, you can sit there until the time noted. We sat down next to two couples (later we found they were on tinder dates!). They were locals to Munich and gave us the run down. The Hacker tent is the local young crowd. Once the party gets started everyone stands on tables, sings & gets rowdy. Although this tent let it slide, if you chug a beer in the other tents you'll get kicked out.

What to wear

Wearing the dirndl and lederhosen is SO MUCH FUN. There's a bunch of places to buy there but we bought online to make sure they fit. I had to sew mine a bit but Andrew's fit like a glove.

Where to stay

We stayed at Hotel St Paul, which is at the doorstep of Oktoberfest. It was a really great location, only downside is because it's so close its really loud through the night.  This didn't bother us at all but thought it was worth a mention. We didn't know this before hand, but a lot of people stay outside the city center to save money and take the train in each day for the festival.  

Around Munich

Munich is a great city just on it's own, even without Oktoberfest. You can hop on a train from the Oktoberfest area and go check out the city. There's a standing wave to surf. Mu hubs borrowed a board and jumped in a few times. You'll see the huge crowd. There's not too many people surfing but because there's only one wave there's a line. 

A few tips

  • Wear shoes you don't mind having beer spilled on, it's inevitable. 

  • Wear close toed shoes.

  • You can't sit at a table without a beer. That being said, when you order a beer, try to remember to order a water too. Your body will thank you later. 

  • Pretzels help soap up all that goodness you're drinking, go ahead and eat one or three!


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