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Switzerland in Shoulder Season

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Murren, Switzerland in Shoulder Season

As I continue to travel, I've learned that traveling during the shoulder season is pretty incredible. Murren, Switzerland I'm sure is phenomenal any time of the year, but I fell in love with it in September.  Sunny, clear skies, about 60F and not too crowded. Perfect weather to sit on a porch, drink wine and eat cheese :) ....or hike until your legs no longer obey commands. 

Murren is a small mountain village accessible by cable car. There aren't cars in this small village. From Interlaken, you take two cable cars to reach Murren. There is a grocery and enough restaurants to give you some options. The Coop is the local grocery, wine is fantastic and inexpensive.  There's also a local meat shop if you have access to a grill or kitchen. 

Watch our video for a first-hand view of our experiences!

Hiking Murren, Switzerland

The Northface hike is about a 4 mile hike. It's an easy, non-strenuous  hike (mostly walking to and through villages). Hiking to Gimmelwald is a shorter, easier walk - about 2 miles. This is more of a leisurely walk to explore the town. The Hardergrat hike is the best hike I've ever done. About 12 miles of strenuous hiking. It's physically challenging but the change in terrain is just phenomenal. We saw so much life, got snowed on & got hot and sweaty all in one hike. Click here to go to the page with more information on the hikes!

Getting Around

Switzerland has great public transportation. The funicular/cable cars have a set price that never change, about $10 per person, per section of travel (ex: Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, then again from Lauterbrunnen to Murren). Train prices change contasntly, best to get the super saver non-transferable, non-refundable a few days in advance if you know for certain your travel plans. They're about 50% off. Get them on SBB website. There's also a Swiss Pass and Half Fare Card, both of which gets you either discounted trains tickets or free with the Swiss pass. You just have do do the math to see which is most cost effective for you. For us, it was better to just buy a few days in advance. 


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