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The Florida Keys - Islamorada

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

The Florida Keys are known for their crystal clear water, bucket list dives, great sport fishing and a laid back lifestyle.

I'm biased. My favorite island is Islamorada. I love this little island and everything it has to offer. We always stay in a little hometown hotel/motel with a kitchen so we can cook what we catch. Alligator reef is teaming with fish. It's a great place to snorkel and beginner spot for scuba diving. Note - the weekends are very crowded. Everything inside Alligator reef are protected - no hunting, fishing etc.

Did you know....ginger is a natural anti-emetic? Ginger will help reduce that unsettling nausea you may feel on that rocky boat.

There are ginger capsules - probably the easiest option. If you have ground or fresh ginger on hand you can use those too. Teaspoon of ground ginger or tablespoon of fresh grated ginger misxed in a glass of water right before going out on the boat will help prevent nausea. Some people complain of stomach gas after eating a lot o ginger. If this is you, take a tums or gas-x with that ginger!

Lobster season is August 6 through March 31. There is something called "mini season" very widely known in Florida. Mini lobster season is always the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July. Many Florida Keys rentals, hotels & airbnb's require a minimum of 3 days to a week rental during mini season. Trust me, come early or wait until regular season opens or you'll be sitting in traffic on the 1-2 lane overseas highway for hours on end.

If you haven't heard of this place called Publix, let me tell you...it's amazing. Yes, it's a grocery store. Yes, it's in states other than Florida. But let me tell you 'bout a PUB SUB. Pub subs (aka publix submarine sandwich) can be any sub you like, or made into a wrap. All you chicken tender pub sub lovers don't freak out...but I'm pretty sure it was invented by UCF college students in Orlando. I'd even bet my sub on it. You can order deli meat and sandwiches online and pick it up in store without waiting in any lines. I don't count this as "eating out". I guess because we take it to-go. So... I eat at ONE restaurant in Islamorada - Lazy Days. Judge me all you want. I also eat almost the same meal every time ||Fresh-catch sandwich lazy days style with key lime butter sauce|| I'm sure the whole menu is good but I (including my whole family & extended family) have an obsession with the lazy days style sandwich. Lunch time is very casual. There's an upstairs dining room, inside/outside seating with aircon, seating outside downstairs and a seating area right by the water for drinks. It's the picturesque ocean-front restaurant you imagine eating at, or stopping for a drink in a tropical paradise.

There are two breweries in Islamorada: Florida Keys Brewing and Islamorada Brewing Company. Both have tasty beer and have fun games to play while you hang out! Robbies is a really fun place to spend an afternoon. You can hand feel the tarpon!! Robbie also has party boat and deep-sea fishing excursions. You can also rent stand-up paddle boards, jet-skis and kayaks! If you like fishing but aren't an avid fisherman, or don't want to commit to deep-sea fishing, consider going yellowtail fishing. The charters leave late afternoon/evening. The boats are typically anchored and there's an abundance of fish catching! If you have a boat but don't know how or where to yellowtail fish you can also hire a guide to take your boat out for the same excursion.

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