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Tokyo in 3 Days

Tokyo is such a lively and colorful city. Japan in general knocked my socks off with two main generalities: #1| The people of Japan are incredibly nice. Not just polite, but out of their way nice. One of many examples: we were in the train station staring at one of the many maps on the wall for a few minutes, someone came up to us to help determine where we wanted to go, helped purchase our ticket, then walked us to our train to make sure we were on the right one.

#2 | There is something incredible to eat for everyone. WOW... The food. So good.

Tsukiji Fish Market

**New updates as of October 2018**

Tsukiji Fish Market outer stalls will still be open, but their inner section where the tuna auctions are held will be closed. The new facility is about 2 miles away - Toyosu Market.

The original Tsukiji market has been open for 80 years and has such immense history. They claim to handle 2000 tons of seafood per day. Suggested time to arrive is 9-10am if you stayed out too late the night before. If you're really ambitious, you can get there at 5am when they open! The market stalls typically stay open until around noon. You can sample and purchase foods at all of the stalls. From fish still breathing, to this cured fish... they have it all. The sweets are fabulous too. There are numerous restaurants tucked away that hold about 15 people and have lines out the door. Tip: Bring cash, most of the stalls don't accept credit/debit cards. Closed Sundays, holidays and some Wednesdays.

Access: From the Tokyo station take Marunouchi line from Tokyo to Ginzathen transfer to the Hibiya subway line which will take you to Tsukiji station. Total time less than 10 minutes. From the Shinjuku station take the Oedo subway line directly to the Tsukiji stop. Time about 20 minutes.

The Tsukiji market wasn't originally planned out to act as a tourist destination. Over the last decade as tourists have flocked to this foodie paradise, is has caused issues to the infrastructure of the market - causing them to create the all new Toyosu Market just 2 miles away. You can still see the famous tuna auctions and shop stalls here. The wholesale section is closed to tourists but you can explore every where else.

Tokyo is big, where should you stay? Well, that really depends on your interests. We wanted to be close to the subway but also within walking distance to food, bars and local activities. APA hotel is located in the southwest section of Tokyo, known as the Shinjuku area. Note that there are APA hotels all over Japan. Make sure you write down the specific address and name of the hotel because the locations can get very confusing. For a generalization, all hotels in Japan are small. There's not really anywhere to put your luggage in the room. We didn't find this to be a problem at all because we only used the room for sleeping.


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